Women Thriving in Business

Episode 802: Bet on Your Big Idea | Shiloh Johnson

January 25, 2023 Nikki Rogers Season 8 Episode 2
Women Thriving in Business
Episode 802: Bet on Your Big Idea | Shiloh Johnson
Show Notes

Have you been sitting on a great idea or concept for a while, but you are hesitant to put it into action? What if, instead of being paralyzed by fear,  you decided to bet on yourself and your big idea?  If you decide to make your concept a reality, you have the potential to create a successful business and benefit others who can use your product or service. 

My guest this week, Shiloh Johnson, the Founder and CEO of ComplYant, a technology platform offering entrepreneurs stress-free guidance to manage complex tax rules and regulations year-round. Shiloh leveraged her tax practice experience and deep understanding of business tax challenges to found a technology firm focused on helping 31 million small businesses move from tax confusion to compliance.

Her big idea has paid off - Shiloh has raised over $12M in funding, making her one of the few African American women founders to raise over $1M. Not only is Shiloh living proof that taking full responsibility for your own journey will lead to a brighter future, but she is also a firm believer that when you have an idea, you should try it right away. If it doesn't work out, learn from it and use the lessons learned as motivation to keep trying until you succeed.

Shiloh shares the inspiration for her decision to start ComplYant, the beauty of taking full responsibility for your own ideas, and the challenges of making it a reality.

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Thriving Points:

  • I'm gonna try this thing. And if it doesn't work out, I walked away with a great set of experiences, and maybe a bigger network. - Shiloh Johnson
  • I try not to get too hung up on the sadness of the result of the decision, but instead, use it as a lesson. - Shiloh Johnson
  • I didn't give myself a chance to doubt myself. - Shiloh Johnson

Get to Know the Guest:

Shiloh Johnson, a long-time accountant, and financial trauma advocate, is the founder and CEO of ComplYant, a digital tax assistant to help small businesses organize, save, and pay for various business taxes. Rooted in the mission to remove tax barriers for small or underrepresented business owners, ComplYant offers unique solutions to not only help founders navigate their taxes but to anticipate owed taxes and budget ahead of time.

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