Women Thriving in Business

Episode 707: Connecting Etiquette and Leadership | Jacqueline Baker

November 02, 2022 Nikki Rogers Season 7 Episode 7
Women Thriving in Business
Episode 707: Connecting Etiquette and Leadership | Jacqueline Baker
Show Notes

When we hear the word etiquette, what comes to mind? What emotions are evoked? Is it inspiring? Or is it stifling? Do you look forward to situations that require etiquette or do you avoid them because you're anxious about an embarrassing "breach" in etiquette? The truth is, you are practicing etiquette every day as you go about your daily activities.

This week’s episode sheds light on how etiquette, or having an accepted code of behavior for particular situations is a great foundation for enhancing a person’s leadership skills. Jacqueline Baker, speaker, author, and founder of Scarlet, helps debunk some of the myths that surround etiquette and shares how modern etiquette, protocol, and leadership can harmonize to bring out the best in each person.

Jacqueline insightfully notes that there are 7.7 billion people in the world and we will be a better workforce and build better communities if and when we figure out a common way to operate together.

Listen to this episode to learn more about the connection between etiquette and leadership.

Thriving Points:

  • If the rule is unethical, if the rule is stifling, if the rule and the etiquette and the protocol just flat out does not make sense for the world that we are now versus the world that it was first introduced in, I am not above challenging something and I'm not above other people challenging things that just flat out don't make sense. - Jacqueline Baker
  • There are layers to everything. But when we are incapable of, not interested in, or refuse to have the conversation or refuse to even understand why something is, nobody wins at all. - Jacqueline Baker
  • One of the most memorable mistakes that I made is not accepting the role and the opportunity to lead when clearly I was the person to lead in that situation. - Jacqueline Baker
  • Just because you are a leader, whether it is by title, by position, or status, or if you are a self-leader, does not mean you won’t be out there making these mistakes. - Jacqueline Baker
  • There’s a whole self-sabotage component of not accepting your role, not accepting the opportunity to lead, or not accepting really just a quick congratulations. This can be a huge problem on your journey as a leader. - Jacqueline Baker
  • Social media is a beautiful lie. When you don’t know the behind-the-scenes, you're like, this is a miracle that is happening over here. But that is the public face of this. When you know what's behind the scenes and you can take it in stride and understand what people have had to do in order to make that happen. - Nikki Rogers

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