Women Thriving in Business

Episode 608: Your Health, Your Responsibility | Dr. Jerrica Dodd

September 02, 2022 Nikki Rogers Season 6 Episode 8
Women Thriving in Business
Episode 608: Your Health, Your Responsibility | Dr. Jerrica Dodd
Show Notes

The pressure we put on ourselves to be successful manifests in how easily we are willing to deprioritize or sacrifice our health and wellness.  We have been raised in a society that has taught us that we have to give up something in order to accomplish our goals. We often feel we have to choose between our personal and professional lives. 

In reality,  we do have the benefit of choice, and that gives us the ability to steer our lives in a variety of directions. If we choose to be the pilot of our own lives, we are accountable for ensuring that our lives unfold in the manner in which we envision them.

Our health is frequently the aspect of our lives that we fail to fully prioritize and take care of. Your body and health are entirely your responsibility. Nobody knows your body better than you do. Don't rely solely on other people to take care of your health; rather, you should be knowledgeable and vigilant about your own health. 

For many of us, it is in our nature to put the needs of others ahead of our own. But how can you help others if you don't prioritize yourself first? Your health is your most prized possession. If you don't take care of your body, you won't be able to do the things you love and live long enough to spend quality time with the people you care about.

The Thriver joining us this week is Dr. Jerrica Dodd, Founder and CEO of Your Pharmacy Advocate. She has been a pharmacist for 24 years, providing the highest level of pharmaceutical and wellness expertise to providers and patients.

She shares with us the value of prioritizing our health and stepping outside of our comfort zone. She also discusses the right of patients to be involved in decision-making processes pertaining to their own medical treatment, as well as the significance of having a comprehensive awareness of one's insurance policy.

Be inspired. Be empowered. Listen to Episode 608 to learn more!

Thriving Points:

  •  The thing that I'm most proud of is that I started shaping and having my hands on other people's businesses. So my impact was further than my own impact that I could have with patients,  but my impact was on the lives and the families, and the businesses of other women in pharmacy. -Dr. Jerrica Dodd
  • As I was coaching the women,  I decided that I needed to help them tell their stories because I had learned how to tell my story.  And that was what was people coming to me and finding me because I was telling my story. -Dr. Jerrica Dodd

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