Women Thriving in Business

Episode 510: The Power and Pressure of Story

May 11, 2022 Nikki Rogers Season 5 Episode 10
Women Thriving in Business
Episode 510: The Power and Pressure of Story
Show Notes

What does it mean to tell your story?

Your audience or brand will be greatly influenced by the story you tell. Your story is a way to connect with and impact those who hear it. It is a privilege to share your story with others and it's essential to understand and think about what story (or stories) you want to tell the world and how you want it told.

Telling a story can be challenging at times, especially when you don't feel like you have the perfect words to express yourself. So ask yourself, "Is what I'm trying to tell a story or just an experience I'm still going through?" Remember that there are people listening to you, so knowing the purpose of your story and what lessons you have learned are fundamental to authentic storytelling. Your story has the power to change people's lives, so you should consider your intentions in sharing.  

Thrivers, season 5 has been full of discovery, insights, and phenomenal guests that provided great examples you can emulate as you work to thrive in business. Pick your favorite episode and if you missed one, be sure to catch up during the break!

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Thriving Points:

  • The stories that I share are helping me realize that there are lessons that come from what I have experienced, that I can now turn into stories. - Nikki Rogers
  • Stories to me, have power and can take on a life of their own. -Nikki Rogers
  • A story is when you're on the other side of an experience, and now you have perspective or insight that can guide future thinking. -Nikki Rogers

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